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Does a ps4 controller work?

there are programs that you can download to turn your PS4 controller into an xbox controller. i did it a while ago, and it works great.


How do i get the gamepad to work? it keeps reading my mouse/keyboard.


Would be freaking awesome in VR btw wink wink nudge nudge

Didn't experience any issues when I played, keyboard controls seem to be an issue but I just played with my controller. Was a fun game, and VERY pretty.

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The future of Feral

Some good news, and some bad news.

Its been a long time since we have updated everyone on our current situation, and we do apologize. We know there are some dedicated fans who are eager to dig right into Feral, and we are so glad we have such awesome followers! But as it stands, Feral is an extremely ambitious project for our small team, and as we have found out, takes its toll. But don't take this the wrong way - we are still very much involved in developing Feral, but... We have switched our focus to a more realistic goal, a game that's more achievable suits our small team a lot more. Once we release this, we may be able to fund the development of Feral ourselves.

May I present you with our current project:

Paperland Hunter
An arcade style top-down hunting game for mobile.

Putting a twist into the standard hunting game by crafting a world of paper, adding the element of fun through arcade style combat. Using weapons and traps such as rifles and bear traps to eventually rocket launchers and laser traps. Sell your kills at the market to earn weapon, trap and cabin upgrades.
We hope you all understand, and be assured that we have not given up on Feral.

We will erect a Paperland Hunter Facebook page soon so you can follow any updates and developments! We will also come back here to keep you updates also.
Thanks for all of your support over the years! We hope you will continue to follow us for years to come.

- Flare Point Interactive

Hey, I love the game and the ambition you guys have. I am a pretty big fan myself, I would like to be part of your team I am currently in school for Game Design and would like to help!

Why does it says Network Error please help i really want to try out this game :((( feelsbadman

Wish it had keyboard controls as well as Xbox controls :(

plz make this game of mac!

Whenever I try to download it says network error. When I go to hit resume it says forbidden, does anyone know how to fix this?

Every Time I try to download it always says network error

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u can check this link

Looks like it has great potential, but the lack of options to adjust controls and sensitivity make it very difficult to play. I'll check back after some updates.

Will This Game be Released on steam ?



Another awesome game that my pc can't even handle. Awesome.

I did not experience crashes in the game and I did need to figure out the keyboard settings as it is for a controller first, but I think you just need a good PC for is because of the Unreal Engine. Certainly on of my favourate games so far.

everyone wants a mac version, can we at least get keyboard support before we move on to developing for other platforms?

Hey this is amazing... Are you going to publish it in any other platforms?

I know that Wine is a thing for Mac, but that seems to complicated (and I'm lazy). Like other people, there have been requests for the Mac version. I also want it.

can you make a version for mac plz

I came here because of Jacksepticeye. I was wondering, how did you guys render the graphics the way they are?
They look amazing and I love the style. It would make for an interesting survival game.

I believe it is the Unreal Engine. But the trade off is you need a powerful PC for this engine most of the time.

can you make a support without controller

i came here because of jacksepticeye btw

thx jack

plz plz plz plz, make this on mac support plz


sad peasant who does not know he can use wine to play exe on mac sad sad... just get wine you idiot

i play on pc lol

Keyboard controls need lots of work, amazing game, great concept, feels really good when you leap out and grab you prey. For keyboard controls:

Z= forward

D= right


M1= swipe


Other buttons around that area do things like roar and catch a scent.

Needs polishing, but hey, what games don't when they're in development? I like where it's going so far. Cool concept, great visuals. Controls, crashing, collision detection, a few things that need tweaking, but it's on its way. Good luck!


CAN YOU FIX THE CRASHES?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!


remember it is a demo

I really hope they do this soon, I wanna play it so bad, but the crashes make it very disappointing to play at the moment.

This game is amazing !

ne e qka

I love the idea but i cant move cause my controls are weird and my look sensitivity is high and i cant change this pls help

I LOVE THIS GAME!! but, there's a great problem with the crashes,please fix this,Best game

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This game Is rough around the edges but it has a lot of promise, and it looks damn good for being an early access indie title. Keep up the good work, this is something I'm going to want to play when it comes out done. :)

Gameplay Video:

This is a pretty good game.A lot of fun i spend hours on this,

i recommand this game.

support for regular qwerty keyboard would be nice. also option to reverse the camera axis would be nice too :T im so used for camera panning to left when i push stick to right and not other way around that i cannot play the game at all.


No Keyboard controls for "Forward" no fullscreen.

No resolution options except "scale"


you can fullscreen by pressing "Alt+Enter"

Any idea how to force keyboard controls?

Very good-looking!


Pretty fun game, although it has some technical issues, nothing too bad though. Had a good time playing it!


Horrible, if you do not own a controller don't even try to download this piece of crap. This runs like crap, the optimization is laughable. I am sorry, but you've put so much time and effort into a an amazing game that cannot be played on the PC without a controller. Next time add keyboard and mouse support.


Some people out there just can't seem to find motivation to search up alternatives like DS3 or DS4 Tools for your Dualshock controllers from PlayStation 3 and 4. It's the internet people! you'll literally find anything!


noice man noice

it seems like an amazing game but i can't open it and it says that the api-ms-win-l1-1-0.dll is missing i installed the microsoft cisual but i still can't open it . please pleae please help

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