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i know there are a lot pf dumb comments on here but i really like what you guys are doing. and it is super bad ass that i can play a mother tiger thing that is feeding its young. so for the 7 of you that are working on this game i say i love this damn game and i would love to help you guys anyway i can

thats nice. me too


is there any chance of you changing the game to work with a keyboard???

Are there any plans to expand this game in the future? The concept is refreshing and the graphics and design of the animals are absolutely stunning. I'd love to see this as a fully realized title!

Great job team! Really enjoyed sneaking through the landscape on the prowl. The world itself was beautiful, the colours all really pop, and the sound design was great with the animal noises sounding convincingly terrifying/ terrified.

Hope you'll consider developing this into a full game, but if not good luck with all your future projects! I've included a little video review below, which expands on my thoughts above if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Addendum- During my time hunting I completely missed the fact that you could go in the cave and upgrade. I suppose it's testament to how much I was enjoying stalking my prey, but still a failure on my part. Sorry about that, but just so you know- you can go in the cave and upgrade/ feed your cubs :)


Hey guys! First of all the game looks amazing! Really liked the graphic style, just wish we could go visit that volcano in the distance! Only problems I had we're a couple of crashes and lack of keyboard support. Hope to see more from this in the future!


Seems really cool! I'd love for keyboard configuration, though! It's just more comfortable for me, personally, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

thanks gg see mine have a play

can we use a keyboard

I had a great time with this game! It was a bit of a struggle getting through about 5 crashes total before I game up but I had some good fun hunting, taking on lizards, and enjoying the landscape and I also discovered the cave system in the game where you feed your babies! I would improve the attack mechanics as the game gets a bit buggy when pouncing on prey at times as you'll see in the video below. Seems like a super neat and new idea for a game and I really hope to see a full release of this someday. Kudos to student game developers! This is a great concept! Enjoy some gameplay and my impression of this game below!

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I can download the game just not install. It get a 3rd of the way then it just stops and says install

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Is it possible to play with keyboard controls?


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The game looks cool but it ran slowly on my computer and the camera was too sensitive even though I was using a mouse not the touchpad

Just recorded a video of it without a controller, was difficult but still fun. Z - foward, Q - left, D - right and S - back. Great game, cant wait for updates! :D

just watched your vid on this game!

A stunning looking game! As others have mentioned its quite prone to crashing, but wow I love the way the animals react and killing one of the deer creatures is really satisfying >:)

wonderfully colourful and the creature designs are brilliant.

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Play it for 30-40 mins, really fun game I could deffo sink many hours into but unfortunately the crashing(expected for a free demo) makes it unplayable for me and I wish resolution scaling worked. Awesome looking and playing game though hopefully we see some updates in the future, I would defiantly buy the full game if all the issues are ironed out. Side note maybe swimming and tree climbing could be added but thats just icing on the sweet as cake ;). Oh shout out to BestInSlot saw the game from him

Well i really want to play it but i dont have a wired controller and i cant buy the wireless receiver.

This game surely has potential of being something great! Visually it looks amazing, love the fictional world with huge skeletons laying around hinting about creatures being big as shit! The demo is unstable but hey, it's a demo. Can't wait for the real deal!

Stay Rad Everybody!!


This game is so cool but its so sad how we need an xbox controller to play it...


You should call this Bear simulator 2 as a joke.

This game looks awesome, sadly it won`t let me download it. Hope it gets fixed soon!

Is there anyway you can make it available for keyboard and mouse?


I really want to play but it wont download.

yea me too. looks super awesome, hope it gets fixed soon

Me three. Looks good, won't download. Look foward to playing!

The downloading problem is now fixed, you should be able to get the demo ;)

Wow this game is really impressive, I hope that more work is done on it, I would definitely be willing to buy a full version.

Great work on this game guys, so bright and colorful the settings are amazing to watch, and the gameplay feels very nice and smooth, a pleasant experience, which I made a video about :

if you want to check, the only issues I had is that sometimes the game crashes, and when I come back to the cave it resets my "predator points", other than that it was fun :D

Best of luck for finishing the game, cheers!

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Hey, if the game isn'd downloading go here,, and click on the second download link. It works.

Thank you. I couldn't get the download to work on my browser or the "Itch app"

the game isn't downloading at the moment, but i hope i will be able to download it soon!

downloading it right now! 10/10

The download isn't working for mehh

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Played it too, fought through crashes and made a video. I hope there will be tweaks made and.. is asking for an expansion to a full fledge game too much?


Looks beautiful! Any plans for a Mac version?

i can't get it to work can someone help?


I really enjoyed playing Feral, the graphics are beautiful and there's just something about roaming around this alien landscape as a wild cat, hunting kangaroo-like frogs and magical looking deer. Unfortunately I did run into a couple of problems while playing. I know it's just a demo but I experienced frequent crashes that meant I had to restart the game, and I had a heck of a time trying to scale the resolution to my monitor. Every time I seemed to get it perfect it moved again! If some of the bugs get ironed out I'll definitely give this a game another go because it seems worth it.

I also made a let's play which you can check out here -

Can't seem to download the game right now. Hope the link is working again soon!

Thought this wouldn't come out! Happy =)

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This is a really cool and unique little hunting game. The graphics are well done, the sound design is spot on, and the games mechanics are all creative and fun. I have played a few animal inspired games in the past. But never as a predator, let alone in first person. All of the running and maneuvering really makes you feel like your in control of a killing machine. Yeah there are a few missing animations and not a huge area to explore. But this is only a demo, and a well polished one at that. The game looks beautiful and reminded me a lot of being on the planet from Avatar. The vibrant colors and unique wildlife feel familiar and different. All in all a nice little unique adventure game and I look forward to seeing what the final version will look like. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

Thank you very much for sharing your video! Glad you enjoyed the concept and the demo ;)

I love your game Row' !!! Please, continue with the development. it's an incredible idea!!! I hd fun with this games for years and I wish one day this will be a complete game. Thanks for reading.

I tried the demo, and the game crashed twice (reports send, not sure if those will help). Is there any way to use the keyboard and mouse? Cause most buttons seem to work.

Did the same for me, but it's still a demo. The product so far is amazing!

This is a known bug that occurs quite often. You can use a keyboard and mouse too, a controller is more comfortable and optimized though.

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