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I hope PS4 controllers will be supported in the future.


I feel strongly that this game has POTENTIAL, lots of it! So please, the one MAJOR FLAW this game has is it keeps CRASHING. Devs if you're reading this, PLEASE FIX IT. YOU HAVE A GEM IN YOUR HANDS. PUT IT ON STEAM GREENLIGHT IF YOU MUST BUT IM TELLING YOU, WORK ON IT!!!!!

mih tai ko dc z

Great Game but it crashes after a few minuts;( Please help me with that

jakie wymagania ?

Whenever I try to play the game never fits my screen. It is extremely zoomed in.

I've wanted to play this game after watching a play video on Youtube and the video on this site. But I keep getting an Error that a certain program isn't installed on my computer even though I extract the game to my wanted location or even try to play without extracting it from the ZIP. Any chance I could get help

Feral lopoks beautiful, please release it for Mac !


Can you make controls for keyboard and mouse?

I'll be sure to give this a try then leave some feedback!

Hey Ron why dont you when you do the next game tell which PC/Laptop statistics should we have?

I have shared this on my homepage.


it wont let me download


it wont let me play


Hey, I am writing for a small German Website.

Would you be willing to answer a few questions about your studio and your game?


Seems i can still not instal the game

Before I start/download the game, what are the needed specifications in order to play this game?

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I have to be sincere I don't know what to say about this game, but four will try my best to ´say what I think in a way that makes sense.
First, I have FPS drops from 60 to 55 at times, and I'm on a GTX980 so that should not be a problem also if I use special senses mode and turn then the fps drops down to 7 FPS which is bad. I also had a glitch when I enter the second Snow Leopard den. It disappeared right when I enter it, and there was only a black ball where the cub sound was coming from. I hate the controls even when using a controller I need to map my keys and turn op and down for the sensitive on the controller and mouse. I also have a delay when using the mouse not much, but enough to I could see it. Also, the key mapping for the keyboard is fuck there just put on random like Q left, D right, Z is forward, S is back, C is crouch, A is special senses, and E is smell how does that make sense. Typical you use WASD as walk and ZXC or QER as the other keys Overall, I would not give this demo over 4 not even with all the other good stuff in the game.


Awesome start to a great game! i realy hope yo continue to develope this title. I have done a first impressions video witch will air on 12/15/16 heres a link. Keep up the great work guys!!


Maybe I'm just bad with the controller but I keep missing a lot when I attack. The game also crashed a few times on me at various parts. Also would love keyboard mapping in the future. I'm assuming that optimization will be a thing later, since this is just a demo. Has a lot of potential and is really pretty!

Had a lot of fun playing, recorded but sadly Loilo Game Recorder doesn't work with the game. Crashed a couple of times, already sent the information of what I had been doing, mostly just problems with hunting. I look forward to seeing how this turns out in the future!


For a demo, this is pretty damn polished! It's not without its flaws, but it's still a solid showing.

Graphics and sound effects are good. The gameplay is interesting and very fun; I'm shocked this concept hasn't been more fully explored. The controls are good; although I love controller support, I wish keyboard support would be implemented.

The attacks seem like they don't hit often, which is my only complaint. I would say the speed of food/water drops too quickly, but then again maybe I just need to get good.

Overall, I can't wait to see what happens from here! Good work!

The game looks really interesting and I would love to play it but can you please make it for mac

Love the concept and idea but controls are sloppy as the are not WASD , a save option would be good also. This game is only in demo I believe. Great graphics , beautiful scenery.

Overall I would say for a demo 7.5\10. Not Bad

it would be great if it was compatible with a PS controller. i aint getting an xbox controller.

I'm downloading this game currently and will upload videos to youtube once i've played it. The screenshots and comments are very positive so i'm looking forward to playing it!

This game demo was a ton of fun! The concept is really cool, and it's got a lot of ways it could expand, while also being very visually stunning.

I do however wish there was some sort of save feature though, the game has crashed on me every time I've played it, so I lose all my points and upgrades. A save feature would help mitigate that a little.

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This game was a blast. Made me feel like I was in a Avatar like world with how colorful it was, I made a very ridiculous video on it. This game in VR would be dope!


Love the concept and the jungle sandbox you've created looks stunning. Sadly, it crashed a lot for me. I still enjoyed the experience though. Anyway, I included it in my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn:

i could not play it 1/10

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So I played the game, was an amazing experience lemme say thanks for giving me the experience to play this demo, my only issues were the minor crashes but other than that the colors were vibrant and the game itself had some great mechanics! great work! and hopefully, maybe we can see it complete? :D here's my experiences!

My Gameplay!


It's impossible for me to play the game. It starts at an enormous resolution and only a small corner of the game fits in my screen. It's impossible to find an options menu to change the resolution. Is there a config file I can edit to change the resolution?

This was a ton of fun! Here's a video on the game for those interested:

This game looks amazing! Please put in so you can use keyboard. Also the demo was extremely laggy i could do or even play it but it could just be because my computer is crap i would love to be able to play i would pay to play this if the keyboard worked and the lagging was fixed ( if its just the game ).


Any chance for keyboard compatibility to be added?


...I still can't install the game

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