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Will there be an online mode?

The game looks great. Loved the creature designs. It works just fine with a mouse and keyboard (change your keyboard to french language and it will work).Nice work for a student project. Would love to see a full game.

Does anybody know how to fix the crashing...? I tried the video but it ended up private. I loved this game since 2017 and just found it today, and I keep crashing.

i like the game just wished you would finish it


can someone tell me how to plug  an Xbox controller into a laptop

nuuu… i can't play it..

couldnt start xc


to bad it can not be played with mouse and keyboard or ps4 controler... looks good but i cant play


play plese


I was trying to show this game because it looks and feels really good. Maybe gonna try to watch how to stop game from crashing and play again!

(also screaming friend)

This is a great game, I just wish the game didn't crash.

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Really beautiful game!

The graphics look absolutely wonderful and the game itself runs really smooth!
The only issue was the game crashing on me twice within 10-15 minutes, not sure what causes it..

I'm looking forward to what this game will have to offer in the future

Like others, I too made a video on the game, feel free to have a look or use it to promote the game!

Link to video: 

I cant play since I dont have a controller, will keyboard controls ever be added?


It's a shame this isn't going to be developed further. The concept is pretty cool; there's not many games that let you play as a predator, at least from what I've found so far. I just recently found out about this game so I'll follow it just in case you do come back to it. 

Please put it on playstation 4 please your game looks fun as HELL


You need to Extract the Zipped Folder. You right click on it, and click Extract All. It'll enable you to play the game in the same folder, practically virtually copied. Just make you sure open the game  in the new copied folder; and I'd recommend keeping the Zipped folder as a backup in case anything happens to the copied one. Have fun!

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Took me 3 months to buy a controller to play this game; it was probably longer, though. But after having problems with it just downloading, it finally starts; but when it got to about 76mb out of the 300 or 400 mb, 700+ mb, it said that it failed, and that it is forbidden.. Help?  I am very ready to play with bugs, this game looks fantastic and I'm still super interested! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


When I launched the game, l only saw the half of the game(the left side)so can someone help please

Also I tried to make a video to help the crashing, not sure if this even works, but thought I'd help you guys.

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Hi! Thank you so much for making and sharing this video! I'm going to place a link to it in the game's description if you don't mind :) To answer your previous question: we're not going to develop the project any further for the moment, as it's a graduation project. But thanks for your interest in the game, we greatly appreciate it 

Hey man I'm trying to record gameplay, but it just keeps crashing. Does anyone know if this game is going to be finished? I'd certainly pay for it in early access.

Decent enough game, it has fairly cool mechanics which we don't see in many games today. There is still a bit of work to be done on the game BUT if you play it long enough and start to unlock things from the in-game shop im sure you could be having a blast!

Check out my video on it and lemme know if you agree! Fell free to check out some of the other game i had played too ;)


how do i play this game

you need xbox controler

I'm afraid I broke the game a little :) (starts 20:35)

how to use game

Great Game!!!

Although proven quite difficult with the current keybindings.

Is it possible to make the controls customizable.

If so, that would be great!



Do you plan on adding WSAD keybindings?

i know its controller only but could youadd keyboard

The game definitely is awesome. I enjoyed playing it.

Here's my video:

The things that should be changed are the crashing unexpectedly and lag during the LB feature whilst recording.

All in all cool game!

Love the game

Couldn't you have programmed the standard WASD keybindings for people using mouse&key?? :( Keys are a mess.

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Check out this let's play video! :D Awesome game!

Hope you liked my let's play videos. IF you did, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and help me grow.
I'm also looking for connect with other Itchio games, so drop me a line, I'd love to check out your stuff and maybe collab in the future :D

Thanks mate, have a great day!!

Check out my other videos on my gamechannel

i want to say that this game is just sooo awesome why didn't you put tip the creator button i would tip you some money omg this game is just OMG

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This game is fantastic. I really loved it. Too bad for the occasional crashes.

I wish all the best for the rest of the development.

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